Step into a nightmarish vision...

A man takes his frustrations out on a pumpkin, with disastrous consequences...

In the Dead of Night

A security guard spends the night in an empty nursing home hoping to quickly pass through the mundane hours. Little does he know that he is not alone, and that the nursing home contains something extraordinary, haunting, and chilling... WATCH NOW

On the night Jack splits up with his girlfriend a meteor crash lands in his back garden, bringing with it something unearthly. Will he escape its clutches and right his mistake, or will he be consumed by the darkness forever? CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Late one night a man is kept awake by the incessant playing of jovial music nearby. Looking for the source, he finds more than he bargains for... WATCH NOW

After receiving a call from a friend, a film director agrees to meet at an isolated location for an upcoming film. But all is not what it seems... WATCH NOW

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