Monday, 29 February 2016

Second Hand | Written by Michael Whitehouse

I've always been curious about the histories connected to belongings. I buy many of my things second hand from charity shops, retro speciality stores - those sorts of places. You can call me cheap all you want, but for me things have feelings. The vinyl record you listened to the night you were dumped, scratches and all; the shoes you wore as you staggered home drunkenly last Birthday; that old guitar you never bothered to learn to play; all real tangible objects, all with a story to tell, all with a unique view of the world.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Can Something Be That Frightening? | Written & Narrated by Michael Whitehouse

In this horror tale we find out how fear can affect us all. Paralysis, nausea, nervousness, all can be elicited when faced with the uncanny. It can evoke an unease so severe that it may even take your voice...

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Author Chapter 2: The Nursing Home

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The next six weeks were filled with self recrimination and sleepless nights. I was continually haunted by the sound of that poor child crying in the night, and of what I could have done to protect her. Shamefully on my part, my guilt was eclipsed by the fear of what those two dreadful words seemed to promise: “You Told”. My days were increasingly engulfed by thoughts of someone watching me - eyes staring out from around corners, whispers in the dark. The paranoia was only fuelled further by the apparent lack of details; the police had released little information about the dead family, and had yet to even declare their deaths the result of murder, which I was certain they were.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Face of Fear | Written by Michael Whitehouse

Twice I saw the face in the window, pressed up against the surface, its icy breath fogging the cold glass. At first it appeared strange to me, the skin beneath its eyes drooping in ripples of flesh, exposing the red sensitive strata underneath.
It was the winter of ‘83, and I had booked the cabin for three nights - only three. A break was needed, somewhere to relax, somewhere to recover. I’d had a heart attack two months earlier; a painful, excruciating experience which I would not wish on my worst enemy. Lying there sprawled across my kitchen floor, the sharp agony had syphoned through my veins - chest - arm - jaw. I lost consciousness only to find myself in a hospital bed days later. It was my daughter, Jen, who discovered me. Thank God for her.

Friday, 19 February 2016

King's Drift | Written & Narrated by Michael Whitehouse

Another horror tale to keep you company at night. In tonight's episode we delve back to childhood, to a rain soaked street, and a terrible event which cuts deeper than any knife, on King's Drift...

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Among the Trees | Narration

Let me tell you a story... You can listen to me narrate my horror tale "Among the Trees" on Youtube or MP3 download. I hope you enjoy discovering what mysteries lie out there in the forests and woods of the old world...

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Near Midnight

The Midnight Hour Approaches

Synopsis: As the clock nears midnight, you are encouraged to join us on a journey into a world inhabited by strange creatures, frightening coincidences, and supernatural powers beyond human comprehension. Struggle all you wish, for time marches on mercilessly, and the seconds extinguish like a flame in a torrid wind, for the clock hands close in on their destination, as do you, dear listener.

Prepare for nightmarish deeds and malevolent forces, for it is now Near Midnight!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Author: A Psychological Horror Thriller

"Author" is a psychological horror thriller about a writer called Sam who receives unusual messages from a dedicated fan. Over time, these messages become cryptic, and yet they seem to predict terrible events before they happen. As Sam follows a twisted trail to identify the author of the messages, his life is plunged into disarray by a series of horrific deaths happening around him. Caught in a perpetual chase, Sam must unravel the truth behind the messages to prevent more innocent deaths, a pursuit which will lead him to the source of the messages, and a shocking, devastating discovery.

**This is a serialised novel, with new chapters appearing monthly. Feedback is encouraged!**