Friday, 17 October 2014

The Face of Fear & Other Stories Released!

"From the author of On a Hill, Bedtime, and The Melancholy of Herbert Solomon: Journey into the abyss of terror, where a man delves deep through the tunnels of Amsterdam to test his courage, where a neighbour screams out in the night when faced with the horror that lives in his home, where a child fights against his fear of heights, only to encounter another kind of dread on the roof of an abandoned building, and where a man in the throes of a heart attack finds himself trapped in a log-cabin, hounded by something creeping through the woods outside.

All of these characters and more learn the true limits of human terror. Readers are invited to experience these horrors, to take a deep breath, find their courage, and stare firmly into The Face of Fear.”

Available now on Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as other regions.

Thank you to all those who have supported me in the creepypasta community, without you this book would never have happened.

Stay Creepy,

~ Mike