Tuesday, 13 August 2013

On a Hill now in the Top 100 Horror Books on Kindle!

My horror novella On a Hill is now in the top 100 horror books on Kindle in the UK at the moment! It's amazing to see my book sitting amongst Stephen King, James Herbert, and Dean Koontz. Thanks to everyone who has bought it so far. If you would like to buy it for your PC, Mac, Kindle, phone, or other eBook reader, please do so HERE You can also buy it in the US HERE
Thanks again to everyone who has supported me so far. It really means the world to me and I hope that one day you'll see my work on the bookshelves of shops and libraries, peeking out at you, ready to frighten and entertain. ~ Mike

Monday, 29 July 2013

The Old Water Mill: Tales of Creepypasta

My latest Tales of Creepypasta video is now up. This time around I narrate the NoSleep story The Old Water Mill, by Inaaace. Please share the video, and subscribe to the channel if you want more videos. Pleasant dreams :)

~ Mike

Saturday, 27 July 2013

I have returned to Youtube

After a self-imposed exile of a year (mostly) I have started making Youtube videos on my main channel again. Sure, it will help promote my work, but mainly it's just because I miss it.

~ Mike

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Saw It Coming: Tales of Creepypasta

Here is a video I recorded last week, but only uploaded now. A little horror narration of the NoSleep story I Saw It Coming. Hope you enjoy it :)


~ Mike

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Contents For Bedtime and Other Tales of Terror

Hi Everyone!

Here is another update for my upcoming horror collection Bedtime and Other Tales of Terror. I've been unbelievably busy with work and real life commitments which has been really frustrating as it has slowed me down substantially, but I've still been trying to put something towards the book every day. I know I keep saying it is nearly ready, but I'm hopeful this will be one of the last updates to the book in terms of story inclusion and running order.

As you can see the stories included and the running order have changed significantly since the original Indiegogo campaign. The book is now substantially longer than originally intended, containing four novellas and twenty short stories. Of the material included I am planning to share the stories Freefall and Seven Nights in a Haunted House for free before publication as a thank you to my readers who have been so patient. Freefall is a contemporary urban ghost story, while Seven Nights in a Haunted House is a serialised NoSleep story with - you guessed it - seven parts.

One aspect that I have been struggling with is the running order. I'm torn about how to start and end the collection. It might seem obvious to start with Bedtime, but I would prefer to begin with a shorter story which will encourage new readers. For the last story in the book at the moment I've gone for On a Hill. I think the way that it ends on an ambiguous note could have real impact, but then I would quite like to conclude with Forgotten Valentine as it ends on a bitter-sweet note. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please do let me know.

Some of you may notice that stories such as A Dark Flame and In a Window have been removed from the book. They might still make it, but I'm not happy with them yet and really have to push forward with the proofreading and editing process. 

That's all for now. As always thank you all for being so patient. I realise that some of you pre-ordered before the turn of the year - and I am really grateful for that - but all I can say is that this is a labour of love, and one which I want to be as good as possible. I don't want any of you to be short changed, I want you to get your copy and say 'This was really worth the wait!'. 

All I can say for now is that it will be here sooner rather than later. Something I can be proud of, and you can be scared of.

Thanks again everyone!

~ Mike 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

On a Hill now Available!

My first book is now available on Kindle! If you wish to support my work, I really would appreciate some reviews from those who have read On a Hill. Also, please share the link and get the word out. Thanks everyone!

~ Mike


P.S. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download the Kindle app for your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC HERE

Thursday, 25 April 2013

'On a Hill' by Michael Whitehouse


The events of the past several days have both shaken my understanding of the world, and left me with a disheartened and perplexed disposition. Yet I feel that I must organise these events in my mind, that I am compelled to structure the terrible things which I have seen so that I may understand them better, so that my mind may be at rest - a need to quantify just what took place.

 It was entirely by accident that I met one John R———. It was Spring, and the early crocuses were faring well against the last frozen constraints of winter’s grip. I was researching an article I was writing for a publication which was, shall we say, less than reputable, when I found myself at the mercy of a small Highland village for the evening.

The whole ordeal was frustrating and tiresome to say the least. I was supposed to be back in Glasgow that night to type up my notes and brush off the fog which often accompanied my writing assignments. Being stranded in a tiny village with one street and a pub inn, which looked like it hadn’t been decorated since the dark ages, was not my idea of home comfort; especially after a few weeks of constant travel, interminable interviewees, and more than one restless night in a dingy bed and breakfast.

There had been a small subsidence one town over which had made it impossible for the local bus to continue onward and, more importantly to me, carry me to safety. Following several phone calls as I attempted to procure alternative travel arrangements, it became apparent that I was going nowhere until morning. The sleepy pub inn which was affectionately entitled The Laird of Dungorth - looking like it could fall down on top of me at any moment, complete as it was with warped wooden rafters and a clientele who appeared just as creaky - would have to be my home for the night.

After speaking to the owner, a tall, peaked man in his fifties, I was kindly given a small room upstairs which clearly hadn’t been slept in - or cleaned - for some time. Still, the people were nice enough and after some basic but enjoyable local food, I sat in a cosy arm chair by an old open fire in the bar, deciding to kill the boredom with a few pints of local beer and a bottle of wine. The flames danced around before me, and as the evening drew in and the numbing of alcohol took effect, I actually was quite content - almost glad to be in such rustic surroundings. The village may have been somewhat bleak, but against the cold winds outside and a darkening sky, the inn was not without charm.

I’m not sure how long he had been sitting there, hypnotised as I was by the heat from under the mantelpiece and a few glasses of red, but it became apparent that I had been joined by another guest at the inn. He sat across from me in a broad and frayed armchair on the other side of the fireplace, sat there gazing at the flickering flames.

He was curious in disposition. Outwardly he appeared to be relatively young - probably in his early thirties - but his persona was swamped in a fragility which one would normally not expect to see in a man of his age. His face glowed in the firelight, carrying with it worry and lines which betrayed an inner turmoil; his eyes defocused, glazed over and his hands trembling slightly as he warmed them by the burning embers.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Quick On the Draw: I'm Just a Slow Writer

I just can’t do it.
Many of the online writers who I follow seem to be able to put out work at a phenomenal rate. God, Anton lesch manages to put a story out every day, and they are still great! I just can’t write that fast. Well, that’s partly true, but also partly a lie, and I never like to lie to my readers. 
Let me explain…
All writers have different rates of work. Some will write only a few words a day agonising over each syllable, others will churn out thousands knowing that they can then go back and rewrite to clean it up. Me? I’m kind of in the latter camp.
I can write a 5000 word short story in one day. That’s quite a lot, to be honest. My average is 2000 words in one day as well as rewrites. But the question remains: ‘Is it any good?’. Since people have been reading my stories the pressure is most definitely on. Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of being accountable for the quality of my work, but that accountability can be very time consuming.
It was said of Christopher Hitchens that he could get drunk the night before, wake up rough, jump straight into some lunchtime drinks and then produce 2000 perfect words of copy. Again, not for me. I have to get my draft down and then shape it. The first draft gets the plot down, but the description, the atmosphere, the mood of the piece is either forged in subsequent drafts or heavily developed.
So, it isn’t a question I suppose of not being able to write fast. It’s a question of not being able to write fast and well. It takes time. I want those who have invested in the book to get the best stories I can muster. I want those who are waiting for the last two stories which will be freely available before launch (‘The Mermaid of Porthleven’ and ‘Frozen’) to get enjoyment out of them.
When I look back at some of my other stories, ‘Pass it On’ being the most obvious, they were first drafts with some slight editing and shaping. I feel I can do better than that, and hope that when people do finally read the stories I’ve been working on since I last posted ‘A Christmas Feast’ in December, that they will say: ‘It was worth the wait’.
~ Mike

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Stephen King Talk

For those who love his work, and for aspiring writers, here is a fantastic talk given by the master himself.
Hello faithful reader.

I've decided to start up a Blogger account to compliment my Tumblr Blog. Why? Well, I love Tumblr, I really do, BUT it works more as a social networking / Blog Hybrid. I think I also need to just have a standard Blog to organise my posts better. Not only that but using Blogger I can tie it in to my Youtube channels which makes life a little easier.

Does this mean I am abandoning Tumblr? No! I will still post everything there, but I do understand that some people just want to use a standard Blog, hence this one right here. SO, there will be cross-posting galore between Tumblr and Blogger.

More to follow...

~ Mike